Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“It Has So Much Character!”

I remember the day very clearly:  My husband and I anxiously showed up at the inspection of our first home to meet the inspector annnnnnd the current homeowners.  LAME.  My husband tried to keep up with the professional and I tried to make small talk with the natives.  Mr. Homeowner gave me a quick tour of his “handy work” leading me into the kitchen where he beamed with pride and boasted, “Here’s the dishwasher.  I installed it myself!”  I am sure my gift of shamelessly wearing my emotions on my sleeve graciously allowed my face to read, “OBVIOUSLY!”  The dishwasher, instead of being flush with the underside of the counter, hung down-roughly two inches-by two thin metal mounts.  Lovely. 

Fast forward to the present:  Today as I was unloading the dishwasher (putting away the bowls and mugs on the other side of the kitchen) my soon-to-be two-year-old son decided to climb up, stand on the open dishwasher door, and JUMP.  I shouldn’t have been shocked at the sight of the entire dishwasher tilting forward, door forming a ramp to the ground with both baskets hanging out!  Oh, and my son was still standing on “the ramp.”  I calmly removed him, simultaneously held both drawers inside the dishwasher, closed it and shoved the entire thing back into its original position.

I have decided NOT to turn the thing on until my husband returns from work and let’s hope it stays in place until then…

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