Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't Judge

ATTN parents of my previous students:  I take back all quasi-judgmental thoughts I ever had regarding your parenting skills (well, most of them anyway)!

My son and I recently visited one of my teacher friend’s classroom to see her pet “shish, shish!”  The kindergarteners love to entertain/try to teach him and I enjoy catching up with my friend.  The teacher and I were engaged in a brief conversation when out of the corner of my eye I see my sweet child run towards the manipulative shelf grabbing several large plastic bends of small items (counting cubes, magnetic letters, marbles, colorful poms) and blindly slinging them over his shoulder at the speed of light!  He wasn’t even looking up to notice where they were landing!  One of the brighter and linguistically advanced students observing the whole fiasco exclaimed, “THE BABY IS ON A RAMPAGE!”  I was shocked. The kindergarteners were shocked.  And, even though she is forever the picture of grace, I am sure my teacher friend was appalled.  It was a Kindergarten Natural Disaster-a State of Emergency.  So, I ran over and made a futile attempt to reprimand the little tornado and encourage him to pick up some of the hundreds of pieces and what does he do?  He grabs another bend of small objects and sends it flying!  Mortified, I decided to hold my thirty-one-pound man-child while crawling around and collecting the pieces.  The teacher calmly sent some “buckaroo helpers” over to assist me and five buckaroos/ten minutes later, peace was restored. 

So, here’s to the “throwing phase” ending quickly and me figuring out this whole parenting thing.  Prayers will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Oh Laurie - I miss you so!! I died laughing reading this fact, I'm still laughing at the mental picture!