Saturday, January 28, 2012

Couch 2 5K

The following conversation took place between my husband and I after dinner a few nights ago and has been bouncing around in my head since then…

“So, how does this Couch 2 5K thing work?”

“Well, it is a downloadable training program that instructs you to gradually increase your stamina, distance, and speed over the course of several weeks.  I have really enjoyed it because it encourages you to train on nonconsecutive days.”

“Huh. So, what do you do on the off days? The couch part?”

I look up over the table of dirty dishes just in time to watch our son launch his 45 piece play food, pots and pan set across the room while shouting, “OHhhhhhhh!” and say, “Yes hun, something like that.” 

The 5K takes place in May and I will most likely be pushing our energetic two-year-old during the race.  Wish me luck!

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