Thursday, May 31, 2012


This past April friends and family came over to celebrate my son’s 2nd birthday.  Lucky for me he LOVES construction sites, trucks, tractors, and dirt so with help the decorations, food, and activities amazingly all came together for a successful event (I feel like we live in a construction zone with a wild toddler in our home-party or not).  Before the celebration started my sweet 10-month-old niece went down for a nap in our nursery.  After she was settled my sister-in-law came down the stairs laughing, asking, “Who gave you that quilt monogrammed with G’s name and date of birth?”  “Well, you gave me the quilt but I had it monogrammed” I explained-and she started laughing harder!  She then proceeded to inform me that it is dated with “August”, not “April!” 

In summary-I have had a decorative baby quilt in my son’s nursery for 2 years, in plain view with the WRONG birth month monogrammed for ALL to see and I have never once noticed!  I recall picking the quilt up from the store and the clerk asking me if everything looked okay with the monogram-that’s right!  I approved the incorrect date!  Awesome!

So I ask you, is this the point in my life that I seek professional therapy?!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

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